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Black Muslims Down Under
Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman's groundbreaking memoir is now available at

Anyone who purchases Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman's ebooks can read them on a Windows-based computer by clicking here to download the free Kindle for PC app. The special paperback edition of Under Siege is available here.

New book on Islamic jurisprudence

Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman's new book on Islamic jurisprudence is now available at

A journalist, author and communications expert, Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman reaches tens of thousands of readers daily, delivering news that empowers and enlightens citizens to make informed decisions about their lives, communities and environment.

His resume includes numerous citations and awards, including First Place honors for high-quality breaking news journalism in the 2017 New Jersey Press Association Better Newspaper Contest and the 2017 Certificate of Merit from the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists for courageous news reporting on a sensitive subject that state prosecutors unsuccessfully tried to keep secret.

Abdur-Rahman has key skills for the 21st century, being tech savvy, indeed an expert in managing various digital platforms and analytic tools. He has excellent interpersonal and editorial skills, thrives as a studious researcher and uses an approachable, non-judgmental attitude to connect and build trust with all sources.

A quick-learner and team player, Abdur-Rahman has developed extensive trust with a range of external stakeholders due to his well-grounded and fair approach to journalism and communications.

Among his list of achievements, Abdur-Rahman published his first book, a hard-hitting memoir entitled Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under, which earned a perfect five-star rating from Readers' Favorite, a critical book review site. The memoir highlighted some of Australia's social issues surrounding diversity, multiculturalism and terrorism, exposing those problems in hopes of improving Australia's approach to addressing these issues.

Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman's latest book, Friday Inspires Muslim Success, is a comprehensive narration of numerous khutbah sermons delivered in the United States and Australia from 2012 through 2018.

You can reach Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman at or on Twitter @sabdurr.